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New Projects and a New Name

. Dear friends, A couple months ago we mentioned getting a little house in town – at least for the winter months – and I can’t even put into words how thankful we are for the timing of everything. Not the least of which is the especially cold temperatures this year, which unfortunately caused some …

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Some more elbow room, yay! :)

A New Winter Home, and a Need for Better Health

Until it was a done deal, I didn’t want to share this news, but we recently purchased a new house and today we officially own it! It is a small, 2 bed/1 bath 900 square foot house in the town of Penn Yan – within walking distance to stores, etc. – but just 20 minutes …

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The Parable of Little Bird

. Little Bird, as she called herself, once lived a very full life. She spent most of her time in the air, for flying was her most favorite thing to do. She also loved her bird friends very much – the ones the Creator gave to her as gifts. Together they flew back and forth …

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Frosty Fall - A Change of Seasons, A Change of Focus.

Changing Seasons, Changing Focus

. Since my Mom’s passing a couple months ago I have really wanted to write an update here, but processing everything has made it hard to have the needed time or energy. For those who knew my Mom, she was a lively and busy 70-year old with hobbies, grandchildren, and a new, loving husband of …

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When Birds Don’t Sing

Spending more time outside in nature than I have ever done (since being a kid, that is), I have been discovering new things.  Strange new things.  Like how the birds have suddenly disappeared and gone silent. Vinny knows.  I kept bugging him, saying over and over again, “There’s something wrong! Have you noticed?” Since Spring …

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Shh! Eden is a Quiet Place of Wisdom.

Shhh! Do You Hear Wisdom Speaking?

. Yikes. It hit me just today that several weeks ago I said I would do a regular Friday post – or try to.   But ever since we moved our house, life seems to be busier, and even more difficult, to some degree. For example, we’ve been digging new water, propane, and drainage ditches, …

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