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Vinny trying out his fishing pole

Where We Are, and Why …

It’s been awhile since sharing a travel update. It seems that since we arrived in Florida over month ago now that I’ve not written as much. For some reason it’s been been a little challenging to both “hear” and find the time. We’ve been on the go a lot. Here are some of the highlights …

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Preserving a Parable – The Butterfly Lives on

You may have heard the story about a child who insisted on throwing a starfish back into the ocean – one of thousands that got washed ashore alive. When questioned what difference can one starfish out of thousands make, she replied, “It makes a difference to that one!” On our travels this week we had …

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Visiting a Secret Garden!

This is a little late in coming, especially that we are in Florida now :-)  but for the latter half of November we were all over the awesome state of Alabama. We met many interesting people and really appreciate all those who hosted us as well, including for Thanksgiving! On our way south Vinny and …

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Today’s update – And my 10 second shower

We are still waiting, believe it or not, for our vehicle to be repaired.  We thought it was fixed last night, but right out of the gate the problem returned! So we are back in the shop – again.  Here’s hoping the mystery gets solved.  Although we don’t HAVE to be anywhere, it would be …

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