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Back Home in N.Y.

The quote in the picture is something I ran across when we were planning to return to N.Y. a week and a half ago, and also in time to attend my Uncle’s funeral in P.A.. Unfortunately, however, the north decided to suddenly have a “real” winter. :-/ Seeing we couldn’t turn the water on at …

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An Experience We Will Never Forget

I can’t say we’ve had many bad days this winter on our travels – or any, really. But yesterday was certainly a day that was trying to “go south,” as they say, even though technically we are making our ascent north. 🙂 You’ve heard of the deep hills of West Virginia, right? Neither Vinny or …

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Hen-pecked, Love-hopeful chicken

We are at the My Secret Garden mini farm… a place of such peacefulness, that’s it’s easy to forget about nastiness here. But saw it with the chickens, so I did a little video of what can possibly be learned from them? ‪#‎openhearted ‬‪#‎acceptedinthebeloved‬ .

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A Meeting with the Ambassador of New Orleans

“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”– Socrates Currently we are in Alabama spending some time again with the lovely couple we met on our travels this winter. I wrote about their ‘Secret Garden’ in this post: We just came from New …

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