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When Birds Don’t Sing

Spending more time outside in nature than I have ever done (since being a kid, that is), I have been discovering new things.  Strange new things.  Like how the birds have suddenly disappeared and gone silent. Vinny knows.  I kept bugging him, saying over and over again, “There’s something wrong! Have you noticed?” Since Spring …

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Shh! Eden is a Quiet Place of Wisdom.

Shhh! Do You Hear Wisdom Speaking?

. Yikes. It hit me just today that several weeks ago I said I would do a regular Friday post – or try to.   But ever since we moved our house, life seems to be busier, and even more difficult, to some degree. For example, we’ve been digging new water, propane, and drainage ditches, …

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A Great Moving Day

To say I was excited about today is a bit of an understatement.  It’s been about 8 months since our 350 sq. foot cabin on wheels has been stuck in our driveway, and yesterday the long-awaited day came. The day that things dried up enough, and the right person with the right equipment was located, …

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The Quintessential Quiet Place

In returning and rest, you have deliverance, and with quietness and confidence you have strength. But you refuse. ~ Isaiah 30:15 . Skipping the Fast Tip Friday post last week, and probably this Friday too, I decided to share a bit about “quiet places” instead ~ something that’s been more of a focus for us …

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FAST TIP FRIDAY ~ How We Now Use Pet Food Cans

Last week’s “Fast Tip Friday” was a little more serious, but this week it is something fun and crafty – about how to use pet food cans! Admittedly, at first we thought it was “CAT-astrophic” to suddenly have a cat, and still do (seriously, “Micky Mouth” is an almost non-stop chatterbox), but now every time …

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Fast Tip Friday #1

The blog readership here has increased a lot recently, which is great (Welcome everyone!) But at the same time this is a time of year that is really busy for us on the homestead, and I’ve also been wanting to spend more meditating and praying, emailing one-on-one with people, and just generally not worrying about …

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