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Today’s update – And my 10 second shower

We are still waiting, believe it or not, for our vehicle to be repaired.  We thought it was fixed last night, but right out of the gate the problem returned! So we are back in the shop – again.  Here’s hoping the mystery gets solved.  Although we don’t HAVE to be anywhere, it would be …

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While on the Subject of Transportation…

Not the most exciting subject there is, but to us, we can’t stop thanking God – and Mom – for a cute little motorhome that we are driving around on this trip! Introducing “Small Fat and Happy,” a long name I just made up (until a better one comes along) for our 21 foot traveling …

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Thoughts from being “stuck”

Yesterday we had our first serious engine trouble with our “trusty steed” (Thx Matt & Kalene – I stole this from you!) and we are camping out in Florence, Alabama until Monday when it can be looked at.  As far as our “plans,” we were on our way to Tuscaloosa to visit Vinny’s old stomping …

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A dream come true, and a contemplative question

A few days ago a friend of Vinny invited us to stay at a place south of Knoxville, TN called “Sweetwater Sustainability Institute,” and so we headed off for another adventure. :-)  For some reason before going there I was under the impression that it was once operating and thriving, but now abandoned. On the …

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