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“Before” Images of a Future Vision

Now the earth was without shape, and empty, and darkness was over the surface of the watery deep – when the Spirit of God began moving …  Genesis 1:2 We’ve been so busy that it’s been nearly impossible to keep up with writing, but I want to share a few “before” images of our future …

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The Interesting Story of Finding Our “Garden”

Even before meeting Vinny, the dream to buy land was in my heart.  So many things were leading towards the desire to exchange the fleeting, and unpredictable illusion of fiat money, for something that had a more enduring purpose.  Not necessarily something to live on.  But at least a backup.  Something with soil, for growing.  …

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Saying Goodbyes is Not Easy

Recently a friend remarked that it’s hard to keep up with us, moving a lot, and going from one adventure to another.  It’s true.  I admit it.  I think it would take a small book to list all the things we’ve done, and the times we’ve moved.  Nothing I regret. Everything has been a learning …

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The Lone Poppy

In my (previous home’s) yard there was a long hedgerow that, despite it being rather scrubby, divided my property from an even unsightlier apartment complex. I noticed one day a single orange Poppy peeking out of the thick weeds, its silky paper-like head sitting on top of a long skinny stem. ‘Hello there’, I said …

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