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Horseradish and a Dream Come True

Several people recently used the phrase, “living the dream” to describe what Vinny and I are doing here at our new land.  While personally I am hesitant to describe it that way exactly, the sentiment is appreciated.  It means that there may be something universally appealing about the “idea” of it anyways, at least for …

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Thanksgiving Week Update

Last Friday was a weird day.  We heard that substantial snowfall (the first of the season), was coming in the evening, but during the day it was a delightful 70 degrees.  Wearing shorts and t-shirts, we worked like crazy to get as much done as we could.  Around 4pm we could feel the weather suddenly …

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Working Through Adjustments

Since my last post, we’ve been quite busy dealing with “stuff” that we’ve never quite experienced before.  In order to get some sympathy, I am going to list some of them.  (Just kidding – they aren’t nearly as hard as they sound) :-) Like or Share this Post ….

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Home Is An Inside Job

Since our last update things have been a little challenging.  Our park model “cabin on wheels” was pulled out of the campground last week.  What should have taken just 2 hours – ended up being 5.  The torrential rains (followed by sleety snow) made the driveway a slippery-slide, and it proved to be impossible for …

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