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The Smell of Toast

A year ago today, when we were traveling in Florida, I wrote the following in my journal: . “I woke this morning with Vinny out in the kitchen making coffee. I could hear the soft mumbling voices of him and my new “dad” (Vinny’s dad) talking. I felt comfy and warm inside, laying there and …

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A Story of Misunderstanding & Healing

Recently I wrote about a scary episode concerning Vinny’s health, and how just previous to this we had something come up between us that did not get resolved.  With this weighing on me during the long ride to the emergency room, a story about a Bee and a Bear developed in my heart, and I …

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Living Small ain’t So Bad (a Video Tour)

As everyone who knows us knows, my husband and I live in a small house that is on wheels.  Technically it’s not a real mobile “tiny house” however.  These have to be 8 1/2 feet wide to be hauled down the road with a regular truck, and ranges from about 16’ to 25’ long.  Ours …

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