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FAST TIP FRIDAY ~ How We Now Use Pet Food Cans

Last week’s “Fast Tip Friday” was a little more serious, but this week it is something fun and crafty – about how to use pet food cans! Admittedly, at first we thought it was “CAT-astrophic” to suddenly have a cat, and still do (seriously, “Micky Mouth” is an almost non-stop chatterbox), but now every time …

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Fast Tip Friday #1

The blog readership here has increased a lot recently, which is great (Welcome everyone!) But at the same time this is a time of year that is really busy for us on the homestead, and I’ve also been wanting to spend more meditating and praying, emailing one-on-one with people, and just generally not worrying about …

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Some Wild Eating Ideas

I give you EVERY seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and EVERY tree that has fruit with seed in it as well. They are ALL yours for food and medicine. ~ Genesis 1:29 This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in today’s post I thought I’d share a few crazy …

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Let There Be a Vegetable Garden! Hmmm, Not So Fast…

A Tour of a new Garden

In the book of Genesis, the Creator is said to have spoke many things into existence. “Let there be light…Let there be seed-bearing plants”, etc…  Ultimately, whether one believes in evolution or not, people generally believe there was a big “kick-in-the-butt” somehow, and at sometime, to jump start us into such an amazing existence.  I …

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