The Tale Of A Kingdom

There once lived two large clans that lived side by side. They proudly called their country, “The Kingdom Without Borders”. One of the clans managed cattle, and the other grew crops of vegetables. It was a unique nation, watched and studied by all the other nations of the world for the way the two very diverse clans lived, worked, and traded together so peacefully.

Now it happened that the crop farmers had a lake on their side. The cattle of their neighboring clan needed this water source to survive, so the beasts would, when they got thirsty, trudge across the fields of the crop farmers to get to the lake. At first this was tolerated by the farmers. There weren’t that many crops, and there weren’t that many cattle. But over time both families grew, along with their crops and cattle. As a result more and more crops began to get trampled by the wandering animals. Something had to be done! Anger mounted, and meetings were called. Someone of rank and mouth rose up among the farmers and influenced all of them to turn against the cattle farmers, saying that they didn’t need them anymore. They decided to build a long fence to separate the two clans.

After weeks of hard work, and spending almost all their money, the fence was finally finished. Peace at last! But alas, the peace was short lived. One by one the cattle of the other clan began to die off, and their owners struggled to get enough water for them. As a result, even the crop farmers began to feel the effect. They had no more meat to eat, or leather and fur to keep them warm. Their crops suffered without the enrichment of the manure. And they even missed the mirth when the two clans came together to sing and dance and tell stories.

The Story of the Two ClansAs the world watched and waited, the farmers began to discuss the matter. But they could not agree together what to do. It was then that a little boy stood up and asked to address the elders. He asked them, “Dear Sirs, why did you work so hard and spend so much money to build a fence to divide us from the other clan? Why did you not put the same amount of resources into building a road? A road for their cattle to walk upon to get to the water that they needed to survive?”

The elders of the clan sat dumbfounded. They never thought of building a road! So without any more discussion the clan repented and set out to do the work of tearing down the wall and building a road instead. The thankful cattle owners forgave the farmers, and worked alongside them to build the road. The new love and unity among them was spoken of throughout the world, and they soon became known as, “The Kingdom With A Road”



I wrote this story thinking in particular about what people do to protect their own interests and isolate themselves against living in intimate relationships with one another, especially under the influence of religion whose resources are all spent in constructing and/or enforcing walls against the sinfulness, wounds, and weaknesses of others.  But it is these very things in relationships that enrich the fruitfulness of our soil!  It is unity with each other in these problems that is needed for us to prosper and be a Light to the world around us of the Love of God!  We must see that the answer is not in creating and living in organized church systems.  The answer is not in hashing out politics, or gender issues, or race issues.  Neither is the answer in border control or making everything illegal.  In our Kingdom we should not be known for any of these things, and it is our shame whenever it is! :/  We must repent, and see that the answer to living in unity with each other and in this sinful world is to concentrate all our efforts into building a road, and that road is Christ.  It is only through the Cross of Christ and walking in His Spirit that the flesh can be channeled and directed to the Living Waters, while at the same time enjoying unhindered intimacy and unity with the people that we are put together with.

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