Back to Eden? Really? Watch this.
Last year we bought 7 acres of land.  We felt it was significant, and didn’t know what to call it – or if we should call it anything.  Suddenly (after a winter of abiding here) my husband Vinny had the inspiration… “Our Little Eden.”  Thus the name change of this website.  What used to be “ is now “”  (No matter what you type as the URL – it will unite).

Why is it the perfect name change for this website? (and to some degree, our property)

For one thing – it is a small attempt to express a current segment of our life – and even to some degree – a conviction of God’s ultimate desire for His creation that is not “blocked and hopeless,” but abundant with love and good intention.  These are actually convictions that have been evolving and morphing – I trust – into something quite marvelous for those who have ears and eyes (and HOPE) to believe.

Let me explain more.  No – let me share a video.  “Back to Eden” is a provocative documentary that I watched several years ago, when I was still single.  It really impacted me – so that when I met Vinny and he too was impacted by it (and studying and practicing permaculture as well), I was quite amazed.

To summarize, it presents a revolutionary method of growing food, (which is foundational to our physical existence on earth) that in turn has spiritual implications.

(Frankly, you can read whatever you want into things, but if you don’t get the physical metaphor of things like this – you miss the spiritual counterpart.)

When I first watched this video – I was flabbergasted.

Yes it flipped my traditional mindset about gardening upside down.  But it also challenged my current beliefs about “Eden”.

It challenged my belief that we are under the curse and doomed – and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Maybe more important – it expanded my view of God’s love for every single person on earth – and the earth He placed them on.  And that’s a good thing, right?

At least that is how I saw this video.

Anyways, we hope you can set apart an evening soon to watch “Back to Eden.” Believe me – many lives have been affected by it.  It won’t be a waste of your time.

The free video can be watched here:

or on YouTube (make sure you get the full-length version, not the related videos that are tours, etc.).


P.S. Next time I write, I hope to explain more (with pictures!) how we are TRYING to get on board with all this, in the way we live on our property.  And why it is to some degree “trying,” and not all the way “doing” yet.  (Although the two concepts are close…)


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    • Anonymous on May 30, 2017 at 2:36 pm
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    Hi Pam! I’m sure glad you told me about the video last fall. You can also watching it on Vimeo for free in HiDef here:

    1. Sorry – posted that without name and address. Jack

      1. Thanks for the better link, Jack!

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