2015-2016 Winter Trip Introduction

As most of you know, my husband Vinny and I run a campground in upstate N.Y. during the summer months. As it stands right now, however, it’s not cheap nor feasible to winterize it to stay year-round. So on November 4th we headed south! :-) Not only to escape the cold, but to hopefully do a lot of listening, looking, and loving. And several friends have encouraged me to blog about the adventure. So here it is :-). Only I don’t have the blog up just yet, so I am going to use FB notes until I can put something together.

What are we looking for?

I started to write this section but got way too long-winded. :-) So I will just shorten it to say that a focus of ours this winter is to visit a lot of eco-villages and communities that are practicing or moving toward practicing permaculture, self-sustainable practices, etc. At least for the month of November this is our plan. Personally I’m new to some of this – even a bit hesitant – but as my understanding of “relational interdependence” is growing, I see more and more the value in trying to live in such a way that strengthens the planet versus weakening it, and does not depend on systems that are failing or bound to fail to survive. I’ll try to talk more what I mean by relational interdependence in future blog posts. Meanwhile we are currently camping in the outlying hills around Asheville N.C. where our adventure has started. We toured one community yesterday, and have an appointment to visit another today. I’ll try to share my impressions as soon as I can!

Sending love,
P.S. Here is a short video I took on our way to N.C. :-)

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