Crying Baby Spider Plants

Forget talking to plants.  The plants have plenty to say themselves.  I have one of those that was talking to me for a long time, but I wasn’t listening.  A fruitful, bright green Spider Plant that has been turning pale and sickly.

I watched first as this plant created babies.  Dozens of them, hanging off the branches like cute, miniature versions of it’s mother.  I really didn’t want to cut them off.  They looked so happy and content, and plus, it meant work for myself.   I would have to plant them in a mix of water and soil, then get pots and more soil.  You know… I would have to become a new spider plant mother.

Well what I didn’t notice until today was the babies were developing little root systems!  Reaching out into the air, trying to find their own soil and water to plant itself.  I teared up.  They looked so pitiful tied to their mother’s apron string (or umbilical type cord in this case) but having these life lines crying out for an anchor of their own.  Now if this plant was outside and low to the ground some of the babies might survive without my help.  But seeing that I had this plant in my home, I knew what I had to do.  I had to cut the babies off and be a surrogate Spider Plant mother.  Yep, help these little things anchor into their own soil and become mature, reproducing adults themselves.  Otherwise they wouldn’t live long.  And the mother plant too – she needed to let them go to save her life.

This is the daily cycle of life, growth, and reproduction in the natural kingdom.  In this case I just had to help it along a little. :) But a great trade-off was the spiritual lesson I received in the process.  It was clear to me how the Kingdom of God is like unto this spider plant.  It is in a constant flow of life producing life.  Any alternative to this brings death.  Systemized religion seeks to gather and keep it’s disciples hanging on them.  Immature, dependent on the leaders, paying its dues.  But it’s a characteristic of organic Life to produce children who grow up and multiply the original Seed of Life.  This is not programmatic ‘evangelism’ either, that brings people back to the ‘Big Momma’.  No, rather it is the hundredfold of spiritual mothers, fathers, siblings, lands and houses that is the promise of Mark 10:29-30, with persecution, when we “leave” the same in the flesh.

Interestingly, while this persecution usually comes from the household of flesh, it has a purpose of strengthening and spreading the new family to every part of the world.

 I am come that they might have life,
and that they might have it more abundantly.”

~John 10:10

By Pamela Spock, August 2013

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