Fast Tip Friday #1

The blog readership here has increased a lot recently, which is great (Welcome everyone!) But at the same time this is a time of year that is really busy for us on the homestead, and I’ve also been wanting to spend more meditating and praying, emailing one-on-one with people, and just generally not worrying about what to write here.

But I think one thing I could at least do consistently is a weekly “tip” post.  Something short and simple, sharing something that me or Vinny have found helpful, practical, or inspirational in our every day lives.  Friday’s seems as good as any for such a post.

So with that brief introduction, here goes the first one!

De-Clutter Your Life by Shipping a Box of Unwanted Donation Items for FREE with postage-paid labels from 

Living in a tiny house has its advantages, if you tend to hoard things.  You can’t.  As a general rule, when I buy a new clothing item, I get rid of at least 2 (yes, in theory I should eventually get down to a single piece of clothing, LOL, but for some reason I’m still far from that.)

But if you are like me, I drive around with a bag of donation clothing for weeks until I finally remember to stop at a drop-box.

Not anymore.

I simply find a box (or usually just use a box that I get from Amazon, etc.) and pack in all my unwanted clothes, household items, books, etc., and then print a postage paid label from:  (Actually I lied – I didn’t have a printer set up at the time, so I emailed for a label, and they sent me a dozen.)  Honestly it’s a mystery to me how it works, but basically they are a charitable “middle-man” service that arranges it all, and gets the box to a GoodWill Distribution center.

It’s really great, too, that you don’t have to weigh the box, and, there’s a variety of ways to mail it.  I think it easiest to just give it to your UPS man when he delivers a package to you.  Or you can just leave it on your porch, for example, if that is where they normally drop packages off to you.

And oh – if you want one, they’ll even send you a tax exempt receipt.

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Fast Tip!

Until Next Time….


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    • Jerry on June 24, 2017 at 1:03 pm
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    Thanks, saved the link.

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