The Mouse in Your House (First PP Story)

This is the very first PP story to tell your children.  It is intended to capture their interest in PP, and to the idea of verbally hearing a story read to them without pictures.

1) Print and customize the story by filling in the blanks and circling the appropriate words.
2) Hide a treat for each child.  You will be disclosing this location at the end of the story.


The Mouse in Your House

Once upon a time there lived a mouse named PP. [pause for effect]  He was a small mouse, but he had a BIG faith in a BIG God to protect and take care of him.  He lived in _____________’s house, in a small, secret hole in the wall.  Inside this hole he slept and ate his meals.  ___________ didn’t know that PP lived in his / her / their  house.


When PP first came to live at ___________’s home, he was lonely.  He especially felt this way when he was hunting by himself at night when the house was quiet.  He wished he had a friend.  So he went outside and made some new friends in the _________ [backyard or a field near the house].  One of them was another mouse named Lewie who was funny and liked to fix things.  Lewie lived in a tin can outside, and he too believed in God, the God who created all things.  PP asked Lewie to be his friend, and invited him to live inside ____________’s house with him where it was warm and dry.  Lewie agreed, and they have been best friends every since.


When Lewie first moved into the house, PP showed him around.  After everyone [optional: list family names] was asleep, he showed him _____________’s favorite _________ (place/room/toy/etc), and then took him to the kitchen where he usually found crumbs that [momma or _______] left on the floor.  Then they crept up to ____________’s bedroom to peek in the door and make sure he / she / they were asleep.


Lewie said to PP, “I like him / her / them.  It’s going to be fun here.”


PP replied, “Yes, but we must be careful when we come out of our hole and hunt for food. We can only come out at night, like we are doing now.  And [If you have a pet:] we have to be especially careful not to disturb _________ [animal name] because they might _________ [eat us, make noise, etc].”


Lewie asked, “But what if we want to tell ___________ something?  What if there is a danger we must warn him / her / them about?”


PP answered, “We don’t speak the language that _________ (kid’s names) speaks/s.  God takes care of us, so we have to trust that He will take care of him / her / them.  But I suppose we can try to send him /her / them messages!”

“What do you mean?” Lewie asked.

PP pulled out of his little backpack ___ [your # of kids] ___________ [treat/s].  “See this / these?  I have been saving it / them for a special occasion.  We can hide it / these somewhere.  Maybe _______________ will find the surprise/s and he / she / they will know that we live in this house and that we love him / her / them.”  


“Good idea”, Lewie agreed, “Where can we leave it / them?”


PP suggested that they hide the treat/s in __________________ [secret location] where ________________________ [fill in with any clues if needed]

And so, PP and Lewie went to go hide the ___________ [treat/s] and then snuck back quietly into their mouse hole.


When they crawled up into their little mouse beds and got snug under the covers, Lewie said to PP, “Thank you for coming outside and making friends with me.  It’s going to be great living with you and ____________.  I just know that we are going to have many wonderful adventures together!”


The End




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