Home Is An Inside Job

Since our last update things have been a little challenging.  Our park model “cabin on wheels” was pulled out of the campground last week.  What should have taken just 2 hours – ended up being 5.  The torrential rains (followed by sleety snow) made the driveway a slippery-slide, and it proved to be impossible for the hauling company to place the trailer in our prepared spot.  To make a long story short, our home is stuck in the driveway until what looks like Spring.

I was upset, and am still struggling a bit, as I am a nesting-type “home-body.” Vinny calls me “Ambiancé” (rhyming with Beyoncé). My ideal home is one that is peaceful, pretty, and well frankly … not parked in a turn-around driveway.

But it’s interesting how an interruption to one’s plans can start the creative mind spinning.  Suddenly we began entertaining the thought of living in a cheap investment house in the nearby town this winter until we can work on the property this Spring.  Or maybe even travel again for a spell.

We are open to ideas.

But meanwhile Vinny is working very hard to get our “home in the driveway” functioning with water, electric, and heat before even worse weather hits us.  Night after night he was returning back to our “temporary” home, which is a camper at the campground, tired and covered with mud, but with important things accomplished.

Now he is at the land around the clock – and in a few days, after the campground is fully shut down, I look forward to joining him there.

Feeling At Home, With No Home

Being in a place of limbo is a weird feeling, and there are lots of people here at the campground who understand this feeling too.  I believe it’s something that stretches us, however, and makes us more sensitive to positive change and opportunities around us.  I have fond memories of a time when I was a girl of about 25 living with my parents in a temporary home for a couple years, while a larger home was being built.  It was so small that my parents had to sleep in the living room, and my bed was in a tiny closet with drab plywood walls reminiscent of a third world prison.  But during that time I was having a spiritual “honeymoon” with God, drawing very close to him and learning so much about him and his heart. The place didn’t matter.  I was in heaven!

Later in life when in yet another special place, I wrote the following poem that I just thought of today.  For those who are unfamiliar with “Bethany,” it is a city that Jesus visited often, where two sisters and their brother lived.  Knowing that Jesus didn’t have a regular home like us, for at least a few years of his life, “Bethany” was an obvious place of comfort and friendship that he loved to be.

I hope you enjoy it.

‘Tis Bethany
There is a place, ’tis Bethany,
A place I can always stay.
It’s a place right here, so very near,
I enter it when I pray.
I’m pleased to say, the Lord takes rest
Here is the heart of mine.
He eats with me, I speak with Him,
He feeds me bread and wine.
Oh crushing blows! When in the cold,
Outside is a painful place.
But Love in here, sees all my tears,
and washes them from my face.
Oh cozy home, with peace and love,
Nothing can touch me here!
Secret Garden, my High Tower,
How good to know no fear.
I keep this home, all neat and clean,
I make it for His best.
This is the place, ‘Tis Bethany
The Lord is pleased to rest.



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    • Anonymous on November 2, 2016 at 6:42 pm
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    You can always visit us. We would love to have you

  1. Hmmm I think I have to change the settings on this blog to require people’s names. :-) <3

  2. “…our home is stuck in the driveway until what looks like Spring”

    Sometimes, spring comes early, unseasonably early. There’s a blooming plant just outside our front door, that grew and bloomed in the spring and then died back as usual. It’s sprouting up again now, after a rainy-spell and quick dry-out thanks to blowing winds.

    Here’s hoping for spring-like weather for you guys, Pam. ;)

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