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Beloved Wife, Mother, Sister, and Friend….

Mildred (Millie) Spock/Rider was born on January 25th, 1947, and peacefully went home to her loving Lord on September 17th, 2017. She was surrounded by loved ones, and was without any pain.

Millie is predeceased by her first husband Frank Spock who died in 1995, and survived by her new husband of 3 months, Bill Rider. She also has a daughter: Pamela Spock/Oliveira, a son: Frank Spock, and two beloved grandsons: Max and Spencer Spock.

Millie was born in Rochester, N.Y., adopted by Mildred and Leo Saxe, and raised as an only child. When she was approximately 55 years old, however, a friend helped her locate her actual birth family, which included 9 brothers and sisters she didn’t know she had! The mother’s name was Jeannette Coyer.  Millie was able to enjoy getting to know most of her new siblings over the following years.

Millie had many adventures in this life, including living in Aurora (Denver) Colorado for a few years, traveling cross-country in a motor home, running a gift/craft shop in Bristol N.Y., volunteering for the Red Cross, going to Ethiopia on a short-term mission trip, owning a campground, and having a small antique business. Her interests included collecting fossils and minerals, garage sales, but most of all, being with her children and grandsons.

Millie will be buried on Saturday September 23rd, 2017 at 1 p.m. at the Evergreen Cemetery located at: 7177 County Road Two, Bloomfield NY 14469. The short burial will be followed by a Celebration of Life sharing food and memories at the nearby church hall.

In lieu of other flowers and contributions, please consider planting a fruit tree or bush in Millie’s honor.

To share condolences or memories about Millie, please share something in the comments below! 🙂

For a more formal obituary, please see:

Thank you! xoxo

Millie, who was adopted and raised as an only child, much later in life was able to locate her birth family.  She discovered she had 8 brothers and sisters, and took a trip to Florida to meet the fun-loving crew for the first time! 🙂

Millie adored her two grandsons Max and Spencer, and they her!

Millie had many adventures in life, including traveling cross-country in a motor home with her first husband, owning and running a gift shop in Bristol, and then more recently owning a campground for a few years.

In June of 2017, Mom found love and married a wonderful man named Bill Rider.

Besides rock collecting, another hobby of Millie’s was garage sales, and selling antiques at the One Potato Antique store in Bloomfield, where she had several booths. She also worked there part time.

She is going to be missed by her two children, Pamela and Frank. So many happy memories, and lots of love and laughs.


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  1. Carleen Ferris

    I loved talking and praying with Millie, and we did that almost every week for the past four years. I loved her special laugh. Only Millie had her laugh, and it made me happy to hear it. Millie was always kind and loving and always asked about someone we had prayed for as a follow-up. She did not forget them. Millie shared her heart so easily, with a simple, lovely way of telling me where she was on her journey with her Special Lord. I will miss our talks and prayer times.
    Milly was fun to be around. I remember one fun evening at my summer home in CT when we ended up dancing to an old song from our youth. Everyone in the room was laughing, and we did too. Just fun!!!
    I feel happy just to have known her and to be a small part of her life.
    Shalom, dear friend. You are now dancing in a far better place.

    1. Pamela

      Dear Carleen, that was such a fun time of you both singing and dancing together (I have a video of it, too!) and I am so glad that she enjoyed a friendship with you these last few years. I love you and miss you very much. xoxo!

  2. Steve Underwood

    Loved seein Millie at my frequent yard sales as we’d jabber away about things and I’d forget about the customers walking around my sale! She was so thrilled w/the little retro dinette set she got from me, and when I surprised her with the matching retro stool I thought she was gonna start crying! She then went on to tell tell me the story about having the same retro stool at one time that somehow had gotten run over in the driveway and crunched? Too funny….So happy that you’re no longer in pain, but I’ll miss our “jabbering” whenever we saw each other. Hugs and fly high my friend……:)

    1. Pamela

      Dear Steve, she really came to think very fondly of you! Of course I don’t know why she woudn’t, as you are quite awesome xoxo and I need to get a hold of you soon… because I have some rocks for you and your boys! 🙂

  3. penny irizarry

    It was a phone call early morning hours a few years ago, as soon as I heard Millie’s voice , I knew she was the sister the family often talked about , but had no information on her where abouts. We connected immediately , the lost years were erased. I knew she was my sis. Millie spent a few weeks with us here in florida , getting to know her brothers and sisters better. We spent the days shopping downtown Melbourne , looking at antique shops. Its amazing how much we were alike. She was our missing link , she was sweet and looked so much like Mom, I know the Good Lord will is guiding and directing you as he always did. You will always be my sweet sis, but never far away. Always in our hearts and thoughts , never forgotten.

    1. Pamela

      Dear Penny, that was an amazing day when she called you, and heard your voice for the first time. What a wonderful time that followed too, coming to meet you and all the others. Thank you so much for the flowers that graced the Celebration of Life event last weekend. Pass my love onto all the family. I enjoyed sharing Mom’s story with everyone at the event, and seeing all the faces of amazement. I hope to write her story out someday, as it is truly something that should be remembered in future generations. You are now my Aunt, and I love you!

  4. Wendy Reed

    I don’t remember a day of my young childhood living in New York that doesn’t involve the Spock’s. Millie fly high. RIP Loved forever.

    1. Pamela

      Yup! We go way back for sure! xoxo I love you Wendy.

  5. Bobbye Bower

    I met Millie at a Searching Together conference in Painted Post NY in 2005. We spent much of the free time in the three-day conference getting acquainted, and I fell in love with this sweet, gentle lady during that time. I never had the privilege of seeing Millie face to face after that, but we kept in touch on FB over the years. The posts that she wrote were always challenging, inspiring, and came directly from her heart. I can only imagine the huge hole that she has left in the lives of her family. May the Lord comfort you in this great loss as you walk through this valley, knowing that Millie is safely in the arms of her Lord.

    1. Pamela

      Thank you Bobbye. I’m glad we got to meet you, and that she had so much time with you. Those moments are precious. xoxo

  6. Orissie Faloon

    A beautiful soul, whom I knew only through facebook. We had shared many precious chats together. She knew and loved her Lord passionately. She will certainly be greatly missed. My condolences.

    1. Pamela

      Thank you Orissie! And for being her friend. <3

  7. Laura

    I loved going to her garage sales. I would buy this and she would point out that.
    I didn’t know her well but always thought she was a classy lady.

    1. Pamela

      That’s a great way of describing her, Laura. Thank you for putting into words something that was very true of her! xoxo

  8. Starr DeJesus

    My first trip to the finger lakes Millie & Pam were instant friends and made me feel so welcome. I’ll miss Millie and thank the Lord I was blessed to have spent time with her when I visited NY.

    1. Pamela

      Dear Starr – you have a beautiful heart. Thank you for the card you sent, too!

  9. Ginny Pecora

    I am so blessed to have been introduced to Millie by my dear late cousin Johnny who was so excited for me to meet our new cousin. Cousin Johnny was a miracle for sure so it was perfect he wanted me to meet another miracle Millie! I was so blessed to get to spend some time visiting on my few trips back East. The best part was knowing she loved Jesus too! We’ll look forward to a wonderful family reunion in heaven! Much love to you Pam. God’s blessing in the family. Cousin Ginny Coyer Pecora

    1. Pamela

      Yes, miracles. Indeed! 🙂 xoxo

  10. Samuel Hansen

    Many fond and loving memories of Millie and Frank, now both enjoying being in the presence of the Lord. Sympathy, prayers, blessings and much love to Pam and Frank. Sam ( and Bernie) Hansen

    1. Pamela

      Dear Sam, you (and Bernie) have been a very important part of my parent’s past, and their spiritual growth. I have heard some beautiful things about Bernie’s passing that I have never forgot to this day. I would enjoy very much reconnecting with you if you are on FB or something of the sort (email I even prefer). You had a strong and comforting presence about you, and I felt safe in your hugs.

  11. Patricia Miller

    Hi Pamela, this is formally Patty Whitmire. I am so sorry to hear of your Mother’s passing, my sincere sympathies to you all. I don’t know if you remember me or our friendship back in our NCCS days! That was when you lived around the corner from me on Smith Hill Rd I believe! Anyway, we could not WAIT for Tuesday Skate nights at USA Skate Town in Greece. Your Parents and my Dad used to take turns driving us kids all they way up to Greece on the Christian Skate nights. THAT was the place to be! Both of your parents were so very nice. I remember your Mom being so very sweet, soft spoken, caring and was a compassionate person. There was one Tuesday they drove us up, we arrived all the way up there in a snow storm and they cancelled the skating event but we didn’t know beforehand. I will never forget your Mom that night. We were so bummed that we couldn’t skate, but she put it into perspective for us and quoted Romans 8:28. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” I never forgot that, and I have carried that very scripture with me throughout the many seasons of my life, all because of your Mom…

    1. Pamela

      As you know, I hope, I am thrilled to hear from you, Patty! And your wonderful memory of past events has been very fun for me, thank you!

  12. Todd Scheske

    Millie will certainly be missed. I always enjoyed talking to her and seeing her live out Christ’s love to those around her and I will always hear her laugh in my mind. I loved her quirky humor and how she was always looking for a new adventure.

    1. Pamela

      Thank you so much Todd. She is and still is, very much a big part of my inspiration and desire for adventure xoxo

  13. Anonymous

    Millie I will miss you so much we became very close we laughed and cried together your my big sis I WILL MISS YOU so much

    1. Pamela


  14. Anonymous

    I had the pleasure of meeting Millie once, but mostly know her thru her daughter, Pam. I can say that her influence as a Mother shines in Pam, and Millie’s being will be carried on thru the years in those that she loved and touched. Bless all of her loved ones there today to honor her. May God’s grace and peace be with you.

    1. Pamela

      I don’t know who you are yet, but thank you! 🙂

  15. Eileen Crane

    When I first met Millie, she was a ray of sunshine! For some reason I always felt it was important to keep in touch. We didn’t touch base often, but when we did her gentle spirit shined bright & touched my heart. We said for years about getting together for a cup of tea, and I’m grateful Pam, that you finally made that happen. Brad & I truly enjoyed the time spent with you both that morning.
    I remember taking a picture of a beautiful Orange Rose in her backyard & giving it to her. That Rose was as bright & full of Sunshine that she gave to others! You both are very special! Love & hugs to you & your family.

    1. Pamela

      That was a really beautiful morning, wasn’t it? I’m glad we had that time together also. And she kept that picture of the rose for a long time. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s in the house somewhere. Just have to find it! 🙂

  16. Karen Franck

    How I treasured Millie. We first met years ago on a Christian website called Meet Christians. From there we became Facebook friends. Her gentleness in everything she ever said was remarkable and kind. If I failed to be on line for an extended period of time, she would send a message to make sure I was doing OK. The love she offered was so unconditional, you felt God flow through her. I will miss her very much. Her smiling pictures, her wit, and her genuine ability to reach out across the miles over a computer, and make you feel loved. I look forward to seeing you again in Glory. Love you Millie……… love you

    1. Pamela

      Karen, she really enjoyed her new Facebook friends. Thank you for being a very special one to her! <3

  17. Fran Rugaber

    I will never forget you, my friend. I will never forget the happiness in your eyes the last time I saw you. You were having breakfast at Denny’s with your new husband and you just shone with beauty and love. We will all meet again.

    1. Pamela

      Thank you, Fran. It was great to see you at her Celebration time! And yes, she was very much in love. It was beautiful to behold. So are you. You glowed at the Celebration. Thank you again.

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