Opening A Peony Bloom

I am a beginner gardener.  Recently I bought a little, fixer-upper house next to my Mom’s house, and between the two of us we have two joined back yards with a lot of flower gardens overrun with weeds.  So everyday I spend some time trying to get a handle on the chaos.  And everyday I learn a little something new about plants and how to care for them.
Yesterday I noticed a large bush with dozens of round fuchsia tinged blooms.  They were so tightly wadded that I was for a moment amazed that they would someday open and become a flower.  Then I saw each one crawling with black ants, almost like they were trying to open the buds!  Hmm, is this an example of a symbiotic relationship?  I suspected so.
Later I looked it up, and found out it was a peony bush, and the ants in fact do appear to have some importance to the flowers.  The ants are after the sweet nectar of the immature blooms.  And it is believed that the nectar sometimes runs so thick that it prevents the blooms from opening!

It was just another reminder to me of all the good things that will naturally be accomplished if we simply do what we were created to do.  The ants weren’t consciously striving and trying to open the blooms. They simply love the nectar!

So much of what we think is wasted time doing nothing but sitting at the feet of Jesus is actually the most profitable thing we can do for others.  Loving Him (the nectar) will open the budding hearts of those who desire His romance.


Where has your beloved gone,
      O most beautiful among women?
      Where has your beloved turned,
      That we may seek him with you?
My beloved has gone down to his garden,
      To the beds of balsam,
      To pasture his flock in the gardens
      And gather lilies.
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,

      He who pastures his flock among the lilies.”

   ~Song 6:1-3


MAY 31st, 2012 UPDATE:  The flowers suddenly popped open and are blooming in full glory.   The ants are gone.  And I got a kick out of imagining…

“After the ant’s season of nectar licking was over,  they walked away through the grass to go where ants go.  One of them looked back and saw the flowers in bloom, and wondered to himself, “Hmm, How did *that* happen?”  :)


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