Oh No, There’s Rats!

For this exciting story try to hide a treat in your child’s coat pocket that hangs in a closet nearest the kitchen, but you can adjust for a different location if you need to.  A nicer treat is more fitting for this story too (like a chocolate kiss or a favorite piece of candy).

1) Print and customize the story by filling in the blanks and circling the appropriate words.
2) Hide a treat for each child.  You will be disclosing this location at the end of the story.


Oh No, There’s Rats!
One evening when everyone in the house was asleep, PP and Lewie crept out of their mouse hole to hunt for crumbs.  As usual they started under the couch, then went around the table where ___________ eat his / her/ their dinner.  [optional if you have a pet:] They made sure to be very quiet so as not to disturb ____________ [pet name].   When they were in the kitchen they spotted on top of the counter ___ [# of kids] ___________ [treat/s].


“Look PP!” Lewie said with excitement, “There are ___ [# of kids] ___________ [treat/s] on the counter!  Ooh, it / they look so yummy.  We can easily climb up there to get it / them.”


“No Lewie,” PP said, “___________’s  momma and/or daddy must have left it / those up there for him / her / them.  We can’t take it / them. ”


“You are right”, Lewie said.  “God provides for us.  We shouldn’t take something that belongs to someone else.”


Suddenly they heard a noise.  It was a crackly squeak [make a rat sound], a familiar sound that both PP and Lewie did not like to hear.  It was a rat.  No, it was two rats!   Where did they come from, PP and Lewie wondered.  There must be a big hole in the house somewhere.


The rats were large, almost 3 times as big as a mouse.  They were black, with beady eyes and long, thick tails.  Their teeth were strong, and they had big claws.


“Hey you scrawny/little mice, get out of our way!” the biggest rat said, “We are in the house only for tonight, and then we move on.  Meanwhile, whatever we see is ours.  Get it?  That means you are to scram and let us hunt.”


PP bravely said to the rats, “That’s fine rats, you may hunt here.  But only for crumbs that fall on the floor. You can’t take the ___________ [treat/s] off the counter.  That / Those don’t belong to us.  It / They belong to ___________.”


“We don’t care whose they are,” the rats answered.


“You should care,” PP replied, “God is everwhere, and here right now.  He wants us to be honest and do what’s right.  We love ___________ and stealing from them is wrong.”


The rats laughed at PP.  “We don’t believe in your God.  We do what we want, and you and your God can’t stop us.”


Then the rats began to climb up the side of the counter to get the ___________ [treat/s]


“What are we going to do?” Lewie cried.


“I don’t know,” PP said, “There isn’t anything we can do, but God is able to …”


And before PP could finish his sentence there was a loud THUD.  The first rat slipped off the side of the counter before he reached the top!  His rat friend began to yell at him.  They got into an argument about the best way to climb the sides of a counter.  One thought they should use a rope, the other thought they should climb it using their claws.


While the rats were arguing, PP had an idea.  “Quick, Lewie!” PP cried, “Here’s our chance.  Follow me.”


PP quickly scrambled up the side of the counter, with Lewie close behind.  They reached the top and grabbed the ___________ [treat/s].  Then they ran down the other side of the counter and looked for a place to hide.  PP saw the door of the _______closet was open a crack.


“Quick, this way,” PP said, and the two mice ran into the closet.


Now it all happened so fast that the rats didn’t even see where PP and Lewie ran to.  It was dark in the closet.


“Shhh,” PP said, “We have to be quiet so the rats don’t hear us.  Follow me, I have an idea.  Let’s climb up into the jacket(s) or _________ hanging up on the hanger(s).  We’ll hide there until the rats are gone.”


There was a long scarf / belt hanging down to the floor, and PP climbed up it, then into ________’s coat pocket.  Lewie followed, and he crawled up into _______’s coat pocket.  [adjust for your # of kids].  They sat in the warm dark pockets until they didn’t hear the rats arguing anymore.


“Do you think they are gone?”  Lewie whispered to PP.


“Yes, I think so,” PP said. “Let’s leave the ___________ [treat/s]  here in the pocket(s) where they are safe.  God helped us to save them for _______________, so the rats wouldn’t get them.”


So PP and Lewie left the ___________ [treat/s] in the pocket(s), and climbed back down the scarf / belt, and out of the closet.  The rats were gone.


“Whew, I’m glad they are gone,” Lewie said.  “I’m tired.  Let’s go to bed.”


And so PP and Lewie went back to their mouse home. When they were snug under the covers, Lewie said to PP, “You know PP, I was tempted to take and eat the ___________ [treat/s].  But I am glad that I chose to do what is right.  Even though I wasn’t able to eat any chocolate /_________ tonight, I know that someday God will bless us.  I feel good inside, and I am going to have good dreams.”


PP smiled.  “Yes, Lewie, that is the most important thing.  To know that we did the right thing.”


The End

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