PP The Mouse Stories

When my nephews were small, I was praying for a way to connect with them, and share God’s love.  After an experience of nearly losing them, the idea for PP the Mouse was born.  He is a special mouse in that these stories are communicated verbally in order to fully engage the imagination.  But also, the stories are adaptable so that PP can live in your home, and interact with your children and environment.  Many of the stories even involve hiding a piece of candy for children to find!  Like Santa Claus, PP is inconspicuously generous, but unlike him, he isn’t perfect.  He just has a child-like faith in his Creator to protect and take care of him, and I think this makes many of his adventures endearing.  PP also shares his life with some colorful friends, such as his best friend Louey the Mouse (who lives with him), and outside the house, Robbie Robin, Fluffy the Frog, and Pokey the Turtle.  Together they have a common enemy in the evil Mr. Snake.  I hope you enjoy these stories.  If you do, please email me and I will gladly send you more.  I have many of them to share. :)

In Love,



The following stories are customizable, and also require hiding a treat for children to find:

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