Song of Songs 1:1-4 Story

An interpretive, “opera” style version of Song of Songs 1:1-4 based upon the text and clues in the original language of who is talking to whom.

I Caught Your Eye Across The Room

[Orchestra plays: Cheerful music, mixed with the increasing sounds of people’s laughter and chatter.]

/Curtain Opens/

The newly crowned King has put on a feast tonight.  It’s a lovely evening, as life is in the royal court, with great company and the best wine.  The beautiful Shulamite, the young bride of the King is surrounded by her Handmaidens as she now is when out in public.  Young attending girls with romantic notions, watching her every move and learning the ways of love.  Being new to love herself, however, they sometimes seem more like friends than daughters to the Queen.  She enjoys sharing with them how amazing her lover is, and seeing them giggle and their eyes light up with childlike wonder. 

Tonight, however, the Queen doesn’t feel like a little girl.  In the midst of all the mirth and music she is aching for intimacy with the One she loves.  The young virgins watch as the Shulamite gazes across the room at the King. [orchestra gets quieter].  Parting her lips slightly and with her eyes locked on his, she breathes deeply and sings, “Kiss me with the kisses of His mouth”. 

The handmaidens look at each other with wide, curious eyes.  Is she talking to us to kiss her? With his kisses?

The Bride lifts her wine glass to her lips and slowly takes a sip.  Still staring at the Beloved she sings a little louder, “Your lovemaking is better than wine”.

The King, although the center of attention as he always is in his gatherings has not taken His eyes off his beautiful Bride the whole night.  He has been longing for her as much as she has been for Him.  He often caught her looking at Him.  Did He just now read what He hoped in her lips and body language?  The King gets up and begins to walk through the people to get closer to her.  As He moves the scent of the His exclusive royal cologne wafts and permeates the room.

The Queen notices her handmaidens closing their eyes and breathing it in deeply.  One of them whispers to herself, “O Solomon”.

The King is now near to his Bride.  She sings to him,
“Your fragrance is spreading Your Name.  The girls here are falling in love with You”.

The King smiles as her as he pours her another glass of wine.  He then then turns as if to walk away.

She can hardly contain herself anymore.  She feels trapped, stuck, unable to get away.  She grabs his golden tassel and sings, “Draw me unto You!”.

The King stops and quickly turns to her, His heart skipping a beat for her need of him.

Her handmaidens lean in to their Queen with earnest, “We will follow you”, they whisper.

All the more determined now, the lovesick Bride sings to him with a hungry fierceness, “Hurry!”

The King now can’t contain himself!  With eyes full of love and a burning desire to take her away and satisfy her, He gently takes the wine glass out of her hand and puts it on the table.  He grabs both her hands and pulls her up out of her chair. 

As he slowly leads her through the crowded room she sings out, “He is drawing me into His chambers!”.

“We are happy for you, O Shulamite!”, the young women sing back.  Then looking down at her glass of wine on the table and their own glasses in their hands, they sing quietly and with a bit of sad longing, “His love is so much better than this wine”.

Solomon pulls his Bride into his room and closes the door.  He is seen standing there with a boyish grin and shrugged shoulders, as if to say, “So how was that for a rescue?”

The Shulamite puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head, laughing. 

“It’s no wonder the handmaidens love you!”, she replies, delighting in his playfulness in front of them.  And without further hesitation she leaps into the Beloved’s arms for a passionate embrace.

/Curtain closes/


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