Stuck in the Prickers

Introducing PP and Louey – Two little mice who secretly live in a special hiding place in your house.  They are the best of friends, and every day they come out of their hole and get into all sorts of adventures together.  This story is called…

Stuck in the Prickers

One day PP went for a walk in the hedgerow, and he got stuck in pricker bushes.  The thorns wrapped around his fur and he couldn’t move.  The more he tried to free himself, the more he got stuck.  He needed help.

“Help, Help!”, PP cried. 

Robbie the Robin flew down.  “Can you help me, Robbie?”, PP asked her.

“Oh dear, PP, I’m afraid I can’t.  My feathers are too delicate and the thorns will tear them to shreds.  I’ll go see if I can find someone else to help”.  And Robbie flew away.

“Help, Help!”, PP cried some more. 

Chipper the Chipmunk walked by.  “Can you help me Chipper?” PP asked.

“I’m sorry PP.  We have the same fur you know.  If I help you I will only get stuck just like you.  I’ll go see if I can find someone else to help”.  And Chipper scampered off.

Then PP heard a slithering sound in the weeds.  “Uh oh,” PP thought, “I know that sound!”

“Hello PP”, the snake said, as he stood up tall and looked at PP all wrapped in thorns. “You look stuck.  I can help you.  All I ask is for one itty bitty favor in return”.

“Go away, Snake”, PP said, “Your heart is bad.  I don’t even want to know what your favor is.  You are up to no good by asking me that and I’m sure it is a trick”.

Then Robbie and Chipper came back.  The snake quickly slithered off into the grass.

“We are back, Robbie said, “But we can’t find anyone to help you.  All the field animals said they would get stuck too.  We need to think of another way.”

“What about the Hedgehog?”,  PP asked.  “Did you ask him?”

“No”, Robbie replied, “What good can the hedgehog do?  They are stinky and have spiky fur all over their body.  No one likes hedgehogs.   The hedgehog in this area doesn’t even have a name”.

“Well it’s about time we find out his name”, PP said.  “Please go and ask him if he would help me.  No one else can.  Maybe the one that everyone ignores is just the answer for my problem.”

So Robbie and Chipper went to look for the hedgehog, and they brought him back to PP.  Immediately, without asking any questions, the Hedgehog saw PP in trouble and crawled straight into the pricker bushes and began pulling and breaking them apart.  Slowly, after a couple hours of hard work, the Hedgehog unraveled PP’s fur from the all the thorns and set him free.

“Thank you so much for rescuing me!”, PP said to the Hedgehog. “What is your name?” 

“Helper. Helper the Hedgehog”, he replied with a friendly grunt.

“All the animals told me you had no name”, PP said. 

“That’s because they never asked me”, Helper said.  “I’ve always been here, but I am not appealing to the senses of most.  So I largely get ignored”.

“Well, I won’t anymore”, PP said.  “And I will tell all my friends that your name is Helper, and that you are the only one who can save us from the thorny bushes.”

The End.

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