The Dancing Leaf

Early this morning as I often do, I sat on my front porch to have coffee and start the day. Here I have received at least a few revelations, so despite the fact the view is not much to look at, it seems to be a special learning place. Nothing profound happened this morning, really. It was still a little dark and dusky, and the street lights were on. I noticed something in the tree ahead of me though. A maple tree with lots of dark, reddish brown leaves that were slightly moving in the air. One leaf, however, that was hanging low was fiercely waving and spinning all around. It was the only leaf on the tree doing that and I figured it was just positioned right to catch any breeze. At first I was mesmerized by it, how cheerful and happy it seemed compared to all the other more stoic leaves. But it wouldn’t rest! It was dancing so energetically that I began to worry about it.

“Stop spinning like that little leaf”, I said, “you’ll fall off!”

It sounded silly to say that, knowing all the leaves were browning and going to fall off anyway. I just didn’t want that happy, dancing leaf to be the first! But it didn’t care. It was living life to its fullest, catching the breeze and bringing me happiness. I then thought about someone dear to me who is no longer here on earth. How he lived so fearlessly right up to his last day, ministering to the needs of others more than himself. A positive and cheerful disposition. An overflowing love that touched everyone who came into contact with him. A passion and priority for the Kingdom of God and all it is, and stands for. It teared me up. I saw him in that dancing leaf.

But I also saw all of us who still have time left here.

Half expecting the leaf to fall, and waiting for it to do so, it didn’t. Not yet anyway.

I went out to the tree and studied the markings of the leaf. So when it falls, I can perhaps find it.

Thank you Lord for life, for all your gifts to us, and for the promise of new resurrected life to come!

“Oh, blow upon us, O wind of God,
breathe upon us, O Spirit of The Lord.
Let us hear the melodies of heaven”


By Pamela Spock 10-5-13


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