The Quintessential Quiet Place

In returning and rest, you have deliverance, and with quietness and confidence you have strength. But you refuse. ~ Isaiah 30:15

Skipping the Fast Tip Friday post last week, and probably this Friday too, I decided to share a bit about “quiet places” instead ~ something that’s been more of a focus for us lately.

But first, and related to the subject, a flower and hammock garden is just about finished here (it just needs the sign inscribed over the entrance).  It used to be a scrubby corner lot, but with some items we had on hand, labor, and help from a couple of neighboring young men, it was transformed into something beautiful and peaceful that can be enjoyed as a “quiet place.”

If interested, here is a quick walk-through video on YouTube (which will open in a separate window)…. 

Quiet places aren’t necessarily pretty places, however, or that require a lot of work.  Vinny made a little spot in the woods to retreat to that is much less elaborate.  He says he likes it that way, and that’s fine!  What makes a quiet place isn’t beauty or comfort – it’s more about simplicity and stillness.  It’s a place, but mostly an attitude, where it’s time to listen, and time to adjust, to a divine dance leading to a more abundant life.

When you pray, go into your inner room, shut your door to the ears and eyes of others who can praise you, and pray to your Father who is in there in this secret place When you come forth from this kind of prayer – you will bear a great reward.  ~Matthew 6:6


I’ve noticed that sometimes quiet places open to us without any planning.  Like being confined to a bed because of an illness. Or an abundance of time because of a job loss. It’s not easy of course, but difficult places that come from unexpected pain or loss can be incredible seasons of growth and enlightenment, if embraced with a yielding and inquiring heart.

But most of the time a quiet place must be sought after, or intentionally created.  Especially when everything around us seems to be so against it.

  • By answering the call to pull away from the constant noise of social media and entertainment. Too much information, particularly when we didn’t ask for it or need it, weakens the mind and is wholly disquieting to our ability to clearly hear God.
  • By resisting the desire to do something – in exchange for the very difficult task of doing nothing.
  • By going somewhere that you physically set apart.  This might be as simple as a porch swing where you have your morning coffee or tea, and leave the phone inside.  Or a desk that you clear of all clutter in order to read and journal your thoughts.  Sometimes even, it may be a location you have to travel to and stay awhile.


The point is – to seek out places where your heart can go heavenward, and go there often.  For there is an inner voice in all of us that calls us to, ‘come away before we come apart.’  

It’s nothing less than the voice of wisdom that calls us to a more abundant life.  

A voice that we can refuse ~ or embrace.




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    • Natalya Hennings on July 12, 2017 at 9:03 am
    • Reply

    Pam, just love it! You both are such wonderful people!

      • Pamela on July 12, 2017 at 4:51 pm
      • Reply

      Oh Natalya – if only I could tell the world how beautiful you are. Someday it will know.

  1. “Like being confined to a bed because of an illness.”

    Or sitting next to one and holding the hand of one ill. Reliving shared memories, conversing only with eyes and smiles. Accepting that one is caught in the current of God and walking the path that follows the river as one is carried away. Nothing less than the grace of God that we are given confidence and peace in the midst of such earthly loss.

      • Pamela on July 12, 2017 at 4:49 pm
      • Reply

      Yes, sorry to hear of what you are going through, Jack.

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