….to my more “personal” website – a place for posting some of my personal stories, inspirations, and also general updates on the life adventures of my husband and I – which now includes off-the-grid homesteading in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate N.Y.   For us, our 7 acres here is “Our Little Eden.”  However the word “little” implies a couple of things.  First – that it is a only a small part of something much larger.  It includes all of you too, wherever life has you.

Second, it also means it’s a work in progress.  Originally the Creator made the earth incredibly abundant and sustainable. But a lot of damage has been done to it over time.  Making it healthy again is not an overnight job!  It’s going to take time and effort – and all of us working together for more than just our own personal interests.

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In Love,

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