While I’m At It – A Short Story

wagon2There once lived a widowed farmer who lived alone, and as winter was approaching, he heard about a family on the other side of the mountain who suffered a major crop loss that summer.  They were low on food and rumor had it that the children were now ill.  He had the idea to make a trip to bring them food and a little medicine.  Then he had a second idea.  “While I am at it,” he thought, “I should bring some of my extra crops and sell it to the townsfolk nearby.  Then I can use the money to buy myself something to help me get through the winter, like a new tool set or quality pipe tobacco.

He liked both ideas very much.  But his wagon was in need of repair, and his horse would only be able to carry supplies for the family – nothing more.  So he decided to postpone the trip until he could get everything done he wanted to get done.  After just a few days his wagon was fixed, but it took over a week more to harvest all the crops he wanted to sell.

Finally after a couple of weeks, the man set out with his precious load.  He felt very good about what he was doing, and anticipated the thankful welcome of the family he was going to see.

A couple days later he arrived to their cabin, and to his shock and sadness discovered that they had all perished.

But … He was able to sell his crops to the nearby town, and returned home with a profit.


Note: I know this is a sad story.  It came to me in an instant one day, after a correspondence with someone that was quenching the desire he had to share his gift with others until he could “get it more together,” and more accurately, also profit from it.  It convicted me of how sometimes I have thought I am doing right by “waiting on the Lord,” or “waiting for a sign,” when what is needed all along is to immediately move on the holy emotions in me to do what I know is is right, even if it feels like I am going out on a limb, or will not personally get anything out of it.



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    • Anonymous on July 25, 2016 at 4:54 pm
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    I think of four scriptures:
    I Tim. 6:10 & 17-19
    James 1:27
    GAl. 5:6
    1 John 1:9
    Abba Father please make us sensitive to Your Holy Spirit.

    • Crissy on July 25, 2016 at 5:44 pm
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    As sad as it was, I love that story. Sometimes you just have to act. A strong lesson in selflessness and listening without questioning.

  1. The church I grew up in served coffee, punch and cookies after service. I was 14 when I received Christ that spring. When the Spirit pointed out an older married couple visiting us for the first time and said to me “go over and talk to them”, my shyness reared up and said “NO!”. At once I found myself up on my tippy-toes, gliding across the fellowship hall floor like a ballet dancer, keenly aware of what felt like a hand lifting me by my belt loop and propelling me forward. Deposited right in front of them, my right hand shot out involuntarily for a handshake and I blurted out a greeting! The couple took over the conversation from there and ultimately I enjoyed talking to them. That I am aware, no one else greeted them before they departed and I never saw them again.

    I wish the Lord would do more of that with me, when I resist His leading.

    1. Yes, there seems to be a split moment in time when it’s time to do what we know is right, and do so quickly before our minds come up with an another idea!

    • Nancy Adams on July 28, 2016 at 8:34 pm
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    I’m reminded of the story of 4 men (each with one log left) that ALL froze to death because none would burn his last hope. I confess that sometimes it’s hard to be the “free spirit”, yet that is EXACTLY what God calls us to be. “Whom the Son has set free is free, indeed!”

    1. Nancy, what a pleasure to see you here, and for your comment! Much love.

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