Let There Be a Vegetable Garden! Hmmm, Not So Fast…

In the book of Genesis, the Creator is said to have spoke many things into existence. “Let there be light…Let there be seed-bearing plants”, etc…  Ultimately, whether one believes in evolution or not, people generally believe there was a big “kick-in-the-butt” somehow, and at sometime, to jump start us into such an amazing existence.  I believe it’s all a divine love story, myself, that we were given the earth to take care of.  Kind of like a wedding gift to much-loved kids from some awesome parents.

But I digress. :-)  We now have a garden on our property – one that wasn’t here shortly ago this Spring.  It wasn’t spoken into existence, however, but it did come from a vision – and then some long days of manual labor.  The good news, however, is that we utilized a no-till “Back to Eden” method that should mean less work year after year – as nature takes over and does what she was intended to do.

If you haven’t watched the free Back to Eden documentary yet, check out the link(s) provided HERE.

Meanwhile, we’d like to share a video of the garden we have put together so far.  It’s still a work in progress, especially for us newbies, but, “Lord willing and if the pond don’t rise,” next year’s plot should be even more humus-y.  :-)

Here is the video:
(Note:If you are reading this by email, you may have to click on the email link to watch it on the actual blog):

P.S. Keep in mind as you watch it, that we welcome your thoughts, ideas, and/or questions. Working with nature is a never-ending adventure of learning and adapting, and we are very much beginners at it..



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