A Needed Kick in the Pants & An Update

writerIt’s interesting how things work out sometimes.  A cousin of mine from Pennsylvania recently visited the campground – the same ones we first visited on our way south for the winter.  Incidentally she was my biggest “kick in the pants” to share regularly about our adventures, which I’m happy to say I did for those 6 months.  Then she visits last week, and on her way out the door gives me those puppy eyes again, and pleads for me to blog again here!  How could I resist? (BTW, thank you Crissy). :-)

It’s not that I’ve forgotten about it.  Life at the campground has it’s little adventures, but it’s just different, and believe it or not, does contain some mundane things that feels like “work.” :-)  Plus – some of you might not know that we are trying to sell it.  After another winter of traveling, with all its expenses (and some secondary income that is ending very soon), Vinny & I realized that we need a place to plant ourselves year-round where we can put our hands to some projects that are on our heart.  Mom & I discussed some options, and she decided she’d like to try and sell it.

So this summer Mom has been keeping an eye open for houses that go up for sale in the area, and Vinny and I are making occasional day-trips to look at some properties too.  None of us are feeling pressured to force a change.  Somehow we know things will work out.  We do love the campground and all the people here.  It’s not that hard to think about running it again next year if it doesn’t sell! :-)

Now as to writing here more often — I promise to be more aware of interesting things that happen that can be shared.  But meanwhile, I remembered that I have a bunch of stories that I’ve written; many that I’ve not posted in a long time or at all.  Some are true, some are fictional.  Maybe some of you will enjoy reading them – and hopefully my cousin, too. :-)

So stay tuned!

In Love!

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    • Crissy on July 20, 2016 at 10:16 pm
    • Reply

    I’m super excited to see your blog. Woo hoo! I look forward to seeing more of the happenings of Creek n Wood Campground and any possible new ventures for you and Vinny.
    Mad love to you all!

    1. Thank you so much Crissy! And for the needed (and loving) “kick in the pants” :-)

  1. Pam, I’m sorry I missed this. I don’t use the WordPress reader very often; usually it’s an email that alerts me to new blog posts from all my followed friends. But I can’t see how to get email alerts from your site? Nor where to like your posts? Jack

    1. Hi Jack! This is a different blog here, than the one you use that utilizes the Reader. This blog I host myself & use WordPress.ORG (the one you have is COM, and my other blog is COM). Hope that makes sense.

      ANYWAYS …. Upper left corner of this page, and every page, is a subscribe box. Just enter your address.

      And not sure how to get the “like” feature on here yet.


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